Saturday, November 3, 2012


Long day. Flight leaves at 10:30 CST - no more figuring out time change :-)

We actually set our clocks back in Scotland last week for the end of daylight savings time, and will it again tonight in the US.

Sleeping in my own bed tonight!


Sydney calls it interesting...

3:00 PM London time

We thought we would be put up for the night in Manchester and put on a flight home Sunday. We both wanted that! I think I wanted it more as I have been sick for two days, not keeping anything down, and really not trying lately. I mean, what's the use? I have gotten a whole orange juice in me this afternoon, so that's progress. Didn't sleep more than a few hours the last few nights so I'm sleep deprived. Sydney has been my brain on this trip home and is getting to be an expert at navigating all the different airports and rules. I almost left a bag behind at one of the inspection stations! Her boarding pass says "Froemke/Sydney, World Traveller". That, she is! It feels like we've been in airports all day. Oh, yeah - we have.

As you can tell by Sydney's blog, we'll get home tonight, but it's a long day!

Boys are asked to bring a pillow for me on the drive home, please.


Very interesting flight home 2

Written @ 2:00 PM London time, 9:00 AM Minnesota time.

In the London airport. Came here from the Manchester airport after the flight from Inverness. We were able to get a flight to Chicago from here, and then a flight to Minneapolis. Unfortunately the flight arrives in Minneapolis at 11:45pm. So it will be midnight before we get home, and I got up at 5:00 AM Scotland time, which is midnight (the day before) Minneapolis time.

Very interesting flight home

Written @ 8:00 AM Scotland time, 3:00 AM Minnesota time.

I am sitting in the Inverness airport. The flight should have left by now but one of the engnes failed as it was started. While they are repairing the engine, the airplane has no power and no heating. So we are sitting in the terminal where it is warm. We had a short connection time in Manchester to begin with, and now because of this delay we're not going to be able to catch the flight to Philadelphia. We're not sure what flight we will catch to get home.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Loch Ness Tour

The Loch Ness tour we got was very cool. We took a bus from a pickup point in Inverness to the Clansman hotel harbor. The bus driver was very nice and she talked about all the landmarks we passed. After the bus ride we got on the boat and headed toword Urquhart castle. The boat ride was very nice but it was short and very windy on deck. After the boat ride we got to explore Urquhart castle. It was very interesting, we got to climb the tower and explore the castle grounds. The signs were very informitive, but the castle changed sides so many times I got a little confused. After that the bus picked us up and took us back to Inverness. I think the weirdest thing I learned was that on the boat you can get hot chocolate and whisky. Mixed together. Very strange. Overall I really liked it.


There is a raptor rehabilitation center in Inverness, and they have a little wagon they can move around town to advertise for their organisation. It has information about the raptors and four owls that go around with it. there are Amber and Skye (Eurasian eagle owls), Muske (a Short eared owl), and Willow (a Tawny owl). You can donate to take pictures, and for two pounds I got to get a picture of me holding Willow!!!!!!! We got a couple of good pictures but none on the iPad so I can't post any. It was VERY cool.


I made dinner for every one the night before we left Lekmelm forest. I tried a new recipie for Daal, and it turned out pretty well considering I had no way to accurately measure spices and I made a triple batch with only enough onions for a single batch. Everyone enjoyed it, exept Storm who was wolfing it down so fast so he could go trick-or-treating I don't think he actually tasted it.



Not feeling well today. Sydney and I had a great meal last night, shared appetizers and both ordered fish & chips. Something didn't agree with me and I was sick in the middle of the night. She's fine. Not feeling well this morning. I'm hoping it goes away as we are headed out to do the Loch Ness tour this afternoon.

Sydney's goal is to have fish and chips as often as humanly possible while we're here. We've had some good ones and some greasy ones. I told her that maybe tonight we might just have soup and salad. She looked straight at me and in a very strong voice said, "I am NOT having SOUP!!"
We had so much soup in the forest, multiple times a day, with the same base ingredients and attempts at different flavorings. I don't think she'll be up for it in a while. Take note, Andy!

More after the tour.



A picture I couldn't post last night...
One of our favorite landmarks when walking the old road to Ullapool.


Beaufort Hotel

Here's our hotel in Inverness. Too bad it doesn't have a good wi-fi and we weren't able to skype :-(

We're actually sitting at a Starbucks right now just to get internet access.


Thursday, November 1, 2012


Need I say more?!


Inverness... Again!

We've arrived back in Inverness! An early morning bus and a 90 minute drive through the countryside and we were here. It didn't take us long to drop our luggage off at the hotel (room isn't ready yet) and find our way to a little cafe to have our usual - hot chocolate with chocolate snacks :-)

No internet at this place (but we came for the chocolate anyway). We'll connect up when we can and send all the blogs. Until then, we'll spend a day exploring the little shops in the heart of the old part of the city.

Skype tonight hopefully!!!


Halloween in Scotland

Halloween in Scotland seems to be a lot like halloween in the US, celebrated with carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating. I planned on going trick-or-treating with Storm this year, and I am very excited. I am going as a pirate as that is very easy to put together with what I have on hand. I also have an awesome homemade eye patch that I made out of extra tire rubber they have in the workshop. Unfortunately Storm and I only got to trick-or-treat at two houses, and the person at one house had never heard of trick-or-treating until Storm had told him earlier that day. So we didn't get to much candy. But we did get toffee apples and a molassesey bar called a flapjack.

Holden, you had better be saving me some chocolate bars.


Lateral thinking

Today we were moving books around, and I came across a book of lateral thinking puzzles, they are really cool, one of my favorites is

If the average eskimo eats ten walruses in a lifetime, and one walrus is equivalent to five and a half penguins, how many penguins would he eat if he couldn't get walruses?

None! Eskimos live in the arctic, penguins live near the antarctic.

I love puzzles like this.


Weather in Leckmelm

The weather is very strange here, one minute it will be raining, and snowing, and sleeting, and hailing all at the same time, and you can't see across the sea loch. And then the next minute all the clouds are gone and the sun is out, and the only way you could ever tell that it was just raining, or snowing, or sleeting, or hailing, is that the sawhorses are a little bit wetter, and the puddles are just a little bit bigger and things seem just a little bit damper than normal. And then it starts raining, and snowing, and sleeting, and hailing all at the same time all over again.


Last few days WWOOFing

Sydney and I have had two days off and have just two more days of work before we head back to Inverness. Yesterday we went to Ullapool, today (Monday) we walked to Leckmelm Gardens - just down the road from where we're staying. This is a beautiful little area with natural and cultivated plants, and a small field in the center with 6 to 7 sheep. It was a wet, dreary day and we came back and spent some time drying off and reading in the camper.

The next few days will be spent gathering and drying firewood as we've all used a lot in the last week and the woodshed is running low. We'll catch a bus back to Inverness early Thursday morning.