Thursday, July 9, 2015

Art Show 2015

Trying to catch up with a few blogs before we head to Montana.

Both Sydney and Holden took an art class and had a year-end art show.  Here are a few pictures of their best work.

Holden did three paintings this year.

The first one was a car -

The others were the Enterprise and a wonderful road picture that is one of my favorites -

Sydney did three as well.
She did the "star" tree in the upper left and a very detailed pine martin in a tree -

And then the biggest painting she has done to date was a picture she took of her friend, Ada, dressed as a wood elf sitting in a tree.  

There was also paper mache...
Holden did a sun with sunglasses - I love this guy!

 Sydney did a griffin with feathers -

And for the printmaking part of the class, Holden did several sharp objects - a machete thing and two swords crossed - and an adorable cat.

Sydney did several, including a dragon she drew herself, and a heron that made some beautiful prints!

And then there were the ceramics.
Holden did "cube guys".  (The animal in the middle isn't his.)

And Sydney did a blue and white swan dish.

 Finally, we'll leave you with a picture of Sydney and Ada at the show!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Love letter to Sydney, from Dad

Andy attended the 4th of July horse games with Sydney and put together a short video.  Love this!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vocal Workshop Performances

Need to catch up on a few more things.  Here are the links to the vocal workshop performances for both Sydney and Holden this year.

Sydney singing "May It Be"
Sydney singing "A Thousand Beautiful Things"

Holden singing "Go Rest High On That Mountain"
Holden singing "Best Day Of My Life"


MN Cars and Coffee

Today Holden and Julia went to Minnesota Cars and Coffee - the best place for a motor-head to get his fix.  Here are a few choice vehicles that were carefully selected by Holden.

Top of the list for the day was the McLaren P1

Lamborghini Gallardo

Alpha Romeo 4C

Very nice Viper paint job

2007 Zimmer Golden Spirit Coupe.  This was an amazing car - a 2007 Mustang GT modified by the Zimmer Motor Car Company in New York. 

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Ferrari 458 Italia

Jaguar XF110

I loved this car!  I thought it was a Shelby Cobra but now we're not sure.

Mustang Boss 302

Mercedes SLS AMG

Chevy Lowrider

The Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, the Bat Mobile, and the Black Beauty from the Green Hornet

And we have to add the T-shirt of the day...